Subsidies Available for Solar Hot Water

Are you thinking of going green?

The Government is going to incentivise
you to switch to Solar Hot Water!


Solar Hot Water will reduce your energy bills

A well-designed solar water heating system can provide 30-70% of your hot water needs.

This is attractive, but on its own it won’t be enough to recover the installation cost.


The Government wants you to switch from using fossil fuels for heating

The Government has set targets to reduce the level of carbon emissions. To meet these targets it needs to encourage you to take action.


Renewable Heat Incentive

In 2011, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Phase 1 was launched. RHI will provide financial support that encourages individuals, communities and businesses to switch to using renewable heating sources such as Solar.

We can provide you with an investment analysis for your property. This will enable you to understand how the Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy can help you to go green.


What subsidy will I receive?

Domestic customers will receive a long-term tariff from spring 2014 of 19.2p per kWh for 7 years. The tariff will increase annually in line with the Retail Price Index.

The system must have been certified by an approved MCS installer such as Solar Homes Work and the house must have completed a Green Deal Assessment and attained minimum energy efficiency requirements.


What subsidy will the owner of a non-domestic system receive?

• Under Phase 1 of the RHI scheme, eligible systems receive a quarterly payment of 9.2 pence per kilowatt hour which increases in line with inflation for 20 years.

• The subsidy represents a significant contribution towards the cost of installing a Solar Hot Water system.


For more details, contact us or take a look at the Department of Energy and Climate Change website.

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