Get paid to go green

Thousands of people are getting paid to go green

The number of people going green is increasing every day. At the last count, the Government confirmed that nearly 30,000 people across the UK have taken part in the latest craze.

You don’t need to dye your hair to join in; you just need to decorate your roof with solar panels.

Why are people doing this? Because the Government has set up schemes that make it pay for them to go green. So, the roof above your head can be an attractive investment opportunity as well as protection for your home and family.

A large well-sited domestic Solar Electricity System could generate a 10% Tax-Free Return on Investment, without the risk often attached to such potential returns.

It’s a win-win situation – you get paid to go green!

The Feed in Tariff scheme requires electricity providers to pay consumers a generous fixed rate for all the solar electricity they generate. They will also get paid extra for any they don’t use. This is on top of the saving in their electricity bills from using free electricity instead. What’s more, the amount of the payment will rise in line with inflation for the next 25 years.

Solar Electricity is a clean, green, and safe, form of energy, producing virtually no carbon emissions. As more people convert to solar power it will help reduce the country’s CO2 emissions.

In the past year thousands of people in London and the Home counties have taken advantage of the Feed in Tariff scheme. As awareness grows, more and more people are fitting solar panels and receiving a benefit of up to £1,800 a year.

To see how much you could get paid to go green, contact Solar Homes Work, a privately owned business based in Surrey. It uses qualified and experienced staff to provide a one-stop operation – from initial consultation through to installation and ongoing maintenance. Solar Homes Work can offer a quick response in your area and, with its local knowledge, can offer a better more personal service than a larger national operation. “We want our customers to recommend us, so we make sure we give them the best service possible” said Ian Percival, the Managing Director of Solar Homes Work Ltd.


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